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Pepperidge Farm bagels and lap swimming

From one window in my bedroom I see a blooming crape myrtle with a rich blue sky above it. From another window in my bedroom is the panoramic vista of the sandia mountains. I have great views from my little house. From my room you would never know that it was 100⁰ F.  in my lovely yard. A good day to be inside. The squirrels and the chipmunks are home in their burrows. Cool and cozy. The birds on low hanging branches of shady bushes. Of course, Francis, my eight-year-old cock a poo is curled up on a pillow next to me. He has no interest in the great outdoors. He is happy hanging out next to me.

I have put aside my sourdough English muffin project. Minimizing oven use. And I have found Pepperidge Farm everything bagels. My favorite in New Mexico was Trader Joe’s sprouted wheat bagels, but they are no longer available  in Albuquerque. The Pepperidge Farm bagels are a great replacement.

Today was a tough RA day. It did require extra Medrol. Falling apart is tough. Still I am tasked with  managing. The shoulders are center stage today.  

I was a lap swimmer for years. Seventy-two lengths equals a mile in the normal health club pool unless you are swimming in a fifty-meter pool. That is where my shoulders got into trouble. Swimming is tough on the shoulders.

Putting on a bra is hard to do. I have a system for shirts. Not a problem. Pulling up shorts is hard. Reaching up for something is not easy. Shoulder pain is sharp pain as opposed to burning pain in the knuckles or wrists. So it is harder to live with.

My Texas son, Chris, asked if there was some service that I needed. I don’t really think I need a service. I need to figure out an easier way to get dressed. I have already modified clothing. I take pain medicine before I dress. Medically, steroid injections are possible as is physical therapy.

I have a list of rotator cuff exercises my RA doc gave me. We will discuss the other possibilities at our next appointment.

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