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Adapt and survive definitely not easy

You might wake up well rested, feeling pretty good. Out of bed.  Start moving.  Your middle toe starts hurting.    A piercing pain shoots through the bottom of a foot.  Just keeps going until every joint in your body in inflamed and in pain. All had been well this last week. Lots done. Exercise class included. Pain level at a simmer. No need for the narcotics. Pleasant. Then blindsided!      Unpredictable!    Discouraging! Now,  it is just hard to exist. Fatigue has joined the rest.  Fatigue feels like an overwhelming exhaustion that makes thinking or doing hard to do. Just simply surviving is hard to do. Each of those joints supporting the 28 bones in each foot cry out for attention. Their chorus is joined by the joints supporting the 27 bones in each hand. Then there are the ankles, the wrists, the shoulders, elbows, and the joints  of the chest bones. To stop is to adapt. There is no choice, not really.  Time for a rest day, a veg out day, time out. …

How Rheumatoid Arthritis Starts

May 12, 2013 It was sudden, extremely painful and disabling.  That is how it seemed to start.  However, after thinking about it, it probably started in my feet over a year ago. My feet felt numb and painful.  I felt like I was walking on rocks and it was worse when I went to bed.  I had thought it was a diabetic neuropathy although my A1c was never over 6.1 to my knowledge.  My rheumatologist said it frequently starts in the feet.  Many think it starts in the hands.  Surprisingly, the feet are a popular starting place, too.  Small joints are in both locations.