Month: September 2013

Pretty, please.

I am a visual person so I like my surroundings to be pretty, relaxing and happy.  I took this image in Newport Beach. Looks to me like a perfect place to live. Water and flowers. Perfect. Here in Albuquerque, my home isn’t fancy, but it is comfortable and it is a good place to be.        I do miss the water.  I am presently working on the 30 minute limit technique.  Not always easy.  It does work.             Thirty minutes on the computer, stop.                                                                                                      Give my cat, Emma, a bath  (you would have to understand the situation. She doesn’t mind). Stop. Then back to the computer. Stop. Work in the garden thirty minutes. Stop. Read for thirty. And on …

An excuse to color

Have you seen The Anatomy Coloring Book ? It is authored by Kapit and Elson and is in its 4th printing. It has just about anything you wanted to know about human anatomy. I bought one and a box of colored pencils. It has some good information about the joints, muscles and all that other stuff inside you. Benefits: you can learn just where the mischief is taking place in your body you can exercise your fingers and hands(use a pencil gripper, not the one at Walmart, the lovely ones on Amazon.) you can also check out the location of your spleen and a few of the other mysterious organs that you have wondered about. you can have fun and improve your brain cells all at the same time. It can be a long term project. Most importantly, you can indulge your creative soul and have fun with the childhood pastime of coloring.  

RA keep on dancing

With osteoarthritis movement means pain because of joint damage. It is tough to deal with. With RA moving the joints is good for them. Movement increases circulation. It  will ease the pain. If you have joint damage already,  this won’t work as well. On the way to the kitchen to make my morning coffee, I am moving my fingers, moving my toes, moving whatever will move. It helps me. Gets the kinks out. Lessens the pain. Keep on movin’ and dance when you can.  

An RA life is doable

This has been a roller coaster year for me. I was lucky in some ways with a sudden and severe onset. There was no question about my diagnosis. I searched and searched the internet looking for clues to my future. ( I suggest getting off the first two search pages if you want more than the same old thing.) My RA is a bad case. I have no remission. All the little joints in my feet and in my hands have been swollen for 9 months. Now I wake up daily to the surprise of what joints will be more swollen and demanding attention that morning.  I like to start the day by getting  all my little guys  moving.  My joints love me for it. I feel better sooner. I make my coffee. Love freshly ground French roast beans. It is worth getting up just to have a cup. I feed Emma and Jimmy. Heat my heating pad in the micro. Take my first pill of the day after a blood sugar check. Settle into …