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As RA progresses add tools to help.

I live in Albuquerque. We have blue skies. We have beautiful night skies.  It gets very hot in July, and it gets very cold in January. The rest of the time our weather is comfortable although you do need a good furnace and a dependable AC.

We just elected a Democrat to Congress. My son and I were going to skip voting this time. My son is registered Republican, and I am registered Democrat. One day a Republican volunteer stopped by to chat. She spoke the recent Republican non-sense like masks don’t work. Remember I am a nurse. I went inside and talked to my son. We both immediately ordered our NM absentee ballots.  Of course, voted Democrat.

I have been on Orencia over two months. The massive swelling, I had in my feet is gone. The swelling in my hands and wrists is reduced although I have lost function in my left hand. The degeneration in my back is extremely painful.

Dressing is an exhausting procedure. A night gown works better than pjs as it slips over the head and then it is done. Getting the legs into the pants of pjs can be difficult. I have been tempted to live in my nightgown. However, I haven’t reached that point yet. I have a down comforter with a duvet on my bed for a cover and I have a fitted sheet over a heated mattress pad. Light and comfortable. Easy to live with.

I have a dish of bird seed on a table out my bedroom window. Birds stop by and nibble. We have a young Rock squirrel who packs it away. He is taking the seed home to his burrow. He is young and small so can’t carry as much as a grown squirrel. Cute fellow. He will like my cherry tomatoes.

My Rheumatoid Arthritis is progressing at the same time my entire spine from the cervical spine. the thoracic, lumbar and sacrum is progressing. The pain in my thoracic spine wraps around my rib cage. So, any movement that compresses my chest or abdomen is excruciating. Sometimes breathing is difficult.

I have brought my hip replacement reacher Sammons Preston – 73321 Easireach II Reacher, Compact 15″ Ergonomic Reaching Aid with Magnet, Portable 4.9 oz. Magnetic Grabber Tool & Reaching Claw, Aluminum Trash Pickup, Lightbulb Remover: Amazon.com: Health & Personal Careback into use. It is very handy for picking up things.

I have a leg lifter Amazon.com: RMS 35 Inch Long Leg Lifter – Durable & Rigid Hand Strap & Foot Loop – Ideal Mobility Tool for Wheelchair, Hip & Knee Replacement Surgery (35 Inch Long): Health & Personal Care from Amazon. It is helpful getting in and out of bed. Both are inexpensive tools that make life easier.

Humans are good at adapting. It is wise to accept the times when we need to adapt. No anger. No regret. Instead, we need to focus on what we need to do to make lives better for ourselves.

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