Month: May 2013

methotrexate progress

My hands are flexible. Pain is at a three on a one to ten scale. With luck 25mg of methotrexate is stopping the progression of RA. Losing function is my big worry. Pain is next in line. I believe methotrexate is helping but I don’t know if it will be enough. So far I don’t have the side effect that plagues many, stomach issues. That may be for several reasons. First Dr Reiter prescribed Prilosec. I have the generic version, omeprazole. She said I could have stomach bleeding and not know it. The medication helps. Next I have a ritual for taking the methotrexate. I take it Sunday evening as I am off work on Monday. I take four hours. My time. Watch a movie. Read a book. Make dinner. I have ten pills. I take one or two at a time over the four hours. Seems to work.

RA outdated information

I like to go to Barnes and Nobles on my day off. I have a cup of coffee, sometimes a scone when they are fresh from the oven. I read books. I buy books. I just love the booky smell of the place when I walk in. Today I thought I would take another look at the book Arthritis For Dummies. I had looked at it when I was newly diagnosed. I thought my perspective would be different. It was. This is a 2nd edition copyright in 2004. It is old by today’s standards. But much of the information is incorrect anyway. It says:

Guerrilla tactics and your bed

Make your bed a close friend. First I added a memory foam topper. I admit when my pain was at its worst, this was not really helpful. Next I added a heated mattress pad. I have always been anti electric blanket because I didn’t think being in bed with electricity was healthy. My sister in law has one and she turns hers off once her bed is heated. I luxuriate in the heat and the softness of my bed. I leave it on all night. It makes me happy thinking about it. Before RA I always had a down comforter. With RA it was too heavy to move. The heat is much better. Bet I’ll have it on all summer. What do you do to make your bed your friend?