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RA and cancer support

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Cancer and RA seem to go hand in hand. Shortly after I was diagnosed with RA,  I was diagnosed with two different cancers, thyroid cancer and then breast cancer.  I had the big C hanging over me like a grey cloud, leading me down the cancer road with all the usual experiences.  After surgeries and after radiation treatments, I started looking for help, for support.

I found it with the Cancer Support Now Third Annual Long Term Effects of Cancer Survivorship Conference.  A long name worth repeating as I became totally impressed with this organization. Dava Gerard, MD, a respected physician in the cancer field, gave the talk ¨The Journey: From Surviving to Thriving¨.  It was just what I needed.  Arti Prasad, MD presented ¨Holistic Cancer Survivorship¨.  Again excellent. There were breakout sessions. Free lunch from Jason’s Deli. The morning had started with a generous breakfast. I felt welcomed and very glad to be there.

Since then, I have joined the board of Cancer Support Now and am on the committee for this year’s conference. Both are big commitments as my RA is  unpredictable and continues to worsen. I have been able to keep up. I contribute. My fellow members are generous, thoughtful people.  My commitment made me dress and go out the door when I might have stayed in bed  in pain. I am the richer for it.

 This year’s conference,  The Fourth Annual Long-Term Effects of Cancer Survivorship Conference is March 28 at the Central United Methodist Church, 201 University.  8:30-4:30.  Dr. Michael N Linver will speak on ‘Life After Breast Cancer’.  There will be a Panel on post-treatment rehabilitation. Break out groups. Breakfast. Lunch. Chair massage.  Conference is sponsored by New Mexico Department of Health. It is totally free. Also Free parking.  More about the conference on www.cancersupportnow.org; For registration call Patricia Torn at 505-307-3414. Please come. Last year it helped change my life. Maybe it is your turn this year.


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