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The RA Flare Bitch

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt

Ruthless and merciless seeking out  RA women and men

Creepy is an understatement. This one slinks into the room with her sharp edges and razor eyes ready to do her damage.  She stands there  hands on her hips, all powerful. Her mission is to destroy as much as possible. “Where shall I start?” she considers. There are so many joints to choose. She will not listen to a single excuse and she doesn’t hesitate.

She carries out her angry, hurtful work. She does not smile and she stays as long as she likes. The evil, Flare Bitch. I am always glad when she leaves.

: “Creepy.”

gardening notes

Rio Grande

Albuquerque will be 95 today. Yesterday it was 98. We missed the set of super hot temperatures for July. So we are just catching up. Blue skies. Nice. This is the Rio Grande. We have plenty of water in it this year. And now we have more.

Torrential downpour came later this afternoon. Reminds me of Miami. I am happy to see the rain. I would dance it it but the lightening forbids it.  I have those big office wastebaskets to gather water where it comes down the hardest. This is great for my RA as I just need to scoop the water in a little bucket to water container plants. I feel like I am doing a good thing.

I have passed out of the RA Flare Fog. Don’t know if it is residual from the Medrol Pack or the Orencia starting to work. I am cheering for the Orencia. Feels so good to move.  Hope it lasts for awhile.

Roses,climber Autumn SunsetBack out in the yard. This is Apricot Sunset. Climber. Strong and beautiful.  Roses grow easily in New Mexico. Most of mine came from  Rowland’s when it was the super nursery in Albuquerque. They sold exceptional plants. This one bounced back after being neglected.  All roses need is some water and food.



This is called a rockrose. It is a 2-3 foot evergreen. I fell in love with it.   The flowers are so very delicate and yet so vibrant at the same time. Looks oriental. Magical.

My yard has been landscaped by me and is a work in progress.  When I can I spend time in the yard, I do and when I can’t, I don’t.    But then I still have something to look forward to doing.  Watching things grow has always been a great pleasure for me. When I am not well, I can look out my windows and see the beauty and I feel good.

Gardening is a good choice for me. It is  a hobby that will take my mind off my concerns and make me focus on something in the here and now. The bonus is that it qualifies as exercise.

RA Web Sites

Like everyone else with a serious diagnosis, I need to know more than the few words my doctor tells me.  And like everyone else, I search the internet. The internet is jammed full of information. However, sorting through it can be a challenge. Some of the sites  give the same standard information. Some of it is dated information. Some of it includes assumptions. Still it is possible to find helpful, reliable sources. Here are some I find helpful.

 Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center

will give you all the scientific information that you will need.    


The link:    Rheumatoid Arthritis  at the US National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest medical library.  Always a valid and helpful resource.Rheumatoid arthritis affected joints

RA Warrior

A community support site that relates the experiences of those with RA, offers a great deal of helpful information, and current  discussions on RA. It is a big site and well worth a visit. Kelly Young is the author.  Visit the RA Warrior at


This is an amazingly helpful site. It is full of information that is practical and useful. Visit at

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and skin diseases-the link:  Rheumatoid arthritis

This  is a helpful site under the U S Department of Health and Human Services. It is a resource for current news also. Visit at

Chat rooms and patient comments

When I want to know what other people are feeling, I visit chat rooms, patient reviews. Real life insites can be illuminating.