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Atherosclerosis and RA

Lately, my RA has been under control. I hate to jink myself but today Actemra is doing its job.  A landscaper cleaned up my yard for spring with a lot of pruning and trimming. Francis finally made it to the groomer. He has been sheared. No more mats. He looks tiny without his heavy fur coat.

 Today the plumber is coming to install a new toilet for my son. This will be his second trip. The first time we learned that the old toilet did not have a shutoff valve and the street shutoff was clogged with sand. The city came this morning to turn off the water. The plumber is due anytime.

Yesterday I made cinnamon rolls. Yummy. It is great to have energy. I have no idea how long it will last but I am enjoying it.

I have  not spent much time thinking about RA complications. Surprisingly, the biggest one is atherosclerosis. Chronic inflammation and atherosclerosis are closely linked. Scary thought. It is what kills those with RA. It is the atherosclerosis that causes heart attacks and strokes. Clogged blood vessels. The newer drugs have not made a difference in the mortality rate for RA.

I take a statin for my lipids and medication for my blood pressure. We eat lots of vegetables and we only eat beef occasionally. We try to stay active. That is the best we can do.

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