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Managing Pain

What are our choices when we have pain?

Of course the first thing would be to eliminate the reason for the pain. However, with a chronic disease with no cure that may not be possible. So what is the next best thing?

Whichever medicine you are working with, consider using pain medicine on a schedule to reduce the highs and lows and even things out. Remember drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen seem safe enough since they are OTC, but they can become problematic if you take more than the recommended dose.

I have been using Tramadol long before it became a controlled substance. Amazingly, I still find it helpful. It is commonly used for those with RA. Adding a dose of  Tylenol helps. Reviews are mixed. Hydrocodone or codeine work better for some.

Medrol is my favorite remedy, but my Doc feels that the steroids should be used with caution. Medrol does something for me an opiate never could. It gets my vote for flare relief.

To supplement your pain medicine, ointments can be very helpful. They are action oriented. You feel like you are doing something.  I use diclofenac (Voltarin) for itchy joints which can become painful if not managed. Smells good. Diclofenac will also help take the edge off your painful joints.

I use a hemp ointment for my neck, ankles and shoulders. My son buys it for me online. It works. It does smell though. I also use a THC salve for my wrists, knuckles and feet. The ointments help and give me a way of helping my joints.

I use my Thera Bath  paraffin wax treatment for my hands and wrists. It makes my hands feel luxurious and  happy if only for a short time.

Distraction can work. Books. Puzzles. Cooking. But if you are in pain, you may not feel like being distracted.

When I am having a flare, my whole body feels sick. My energy seeps away. Sometimes I just feel desperate. A friend says when she has a flare, she just rides it out. Good advice, too.

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