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Rheumatoid arthritis Hands

My feet were the first to become affected by rheumatoid arthritis, but my hands were right behind. They were painful and swollen as big as melons. My knuckles and wrists were affected. My fingers kicked in later. As time went by the tendons in my hands failed to work properly. First the left and then in a little while my right joined in.

For a while I lost the use of both hands. I could use my pointer finger on my right hand. I was used to typing the whole keyboard (typing class in high school). So my one finger had difficulty finding the keyboard my brain knew well.  Eventually I gained the use of my left pointer, but not the use of my other fingers on the keyboard. So I peck away.

The worst of it was accidentally knocking things over. I lost several cups of coffee that way. Glasses. Anything in the way of my poor hands. It was frustrating for me. That has improved.

My grip was fine as long as I was paying attention. If I wasn’t, slender  sheets of paper would slip through my fingers.

I was sent to physical therapy for my hands. Eventually, I went home with fabric braces that locked my fingers into position. I felt immobilized. I personally felt that my hands were better off being active.

I have compression gloves also but when my hands are swollen I can’t get them on.

Best for me are four things:

  1. I hand wash my dishes in hot water. Feels good.
  2. When my hands itch, I rub in Voltarin.
  3. I use my Thera Bath.
  4. And I put them up on a pillow when all else fails.

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