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Managing RA Pain

I connected with Health Unlocked when I was starting chemotherapy for my third cancer. I was told I would be losing my hair. I wasn’t told how it would happen. I wanted to know so I turned to Health Unlocked, a British program where people discuss issues about living with their cancers.  Painful hair loss is not uncommon. My hair loss turned out to be rapid and painful. I was relieved to see my hair go. And then I was relieved to see the pain go.

A few years ago Health Unlocked expanded their support to rheumatoid arthritis. It seems that there are a lot of rheumatoid arthritis patients living in pain. Rheumatologists do not have a solution for their patients number one symptom, joint pain. In fact many refuse to take responsibility for the debilitating pain those with RA experience. Patients are left to their own devices to find solutions. Frequently, primary doctors are left to fill in and manage the RA symptoms that rheumatologists fail to address. No wonder RA patients become depressed.

Over time I found that the following helps me.

  • Low dose Medrol with increases during a flare.
  • Tramadol.
  • Voltarin ointment helps the itch of inflamed tendons and muscles.
  • Hemp cream is a big help on irritated joints.
  • Paraffin wax treatment is good for sore, fatigued hands and wrists.
  • Cannabis is new for me.  I use Wana Gummies 10 mg THC/10 mg CBD.1:1. Hybrid with Terpenes. I use 5 mg at a time every 4 or 5 hours. If I have too much I become dizzy so it is best to stay at 5mg doses. It relieves my RA pain.
  • Can’t sleep: A bowl of ice cream always helps.

Cannabis works and it also relieves my mind of my fear of spending my final days in excruciating pain. Remember that Cannabis is legal in New Mexico. Both medical and recreational. Rheumatoid arthritis will frequently qualify a person for medical marijuana.

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