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Pothead is a revived expression. I started thinking about it while I sit in my favorite chair reading my favorite author. I am contented and don’t need to move.

My second experience with cannabis is much different than the first. Cannabis drops an iron curtain between me and my pain. When the cannabis wears off, the iron curtain lifts and my pain returns. It is a strange feeling to know pain is still there but it is hidden from view with a bit of a gummy.

Managing cannabis and pain. Enough cannabis to relieve pain but not enough to become a pothead. Instead of cutting the gummi in half, I cut them into four pieces. I take a piece every three hours. I use 20 mg. a day. It is a total of twenty mg  THC and twenty mg CBD, hybrid.

CBD is good for pain relief, but it works better with a small amount of THC included  in the ingredients.

I was in considerable pain when I woke up this morning. Hands, feet, shoulders, neck. My shoulders feel like boulders rubbing against each other. Coffee for me. Potty break for Francis. The pain fades with Tramadol and a bit of the marijuana gummy as I catch up with today’s news in the NY Times.

Today I am going to make what my family used to call Spanish rice. Ground beef. Sautéed with available vegetables. Mixed with rice. Tomatoes. Green chili. Spices and herbs. Baked. Tasty.

According to Google, a pothead is anyone who uses marijuana regularly. I think of a pothead as a person who stays under the influence of cannabis. So I guess that is going to be me as cannabis solves my rheumatoid arthritis problem.


  1. You and me both sister! JRA since age 2 (53 next month). RA has affected every single joint in my body and distroyed most. 6 joint replacements, 3 fusions, and other misc. surgeries. Also helps with my Colitis and Depression too. I’m just so grateful that it is no longer on the blacklist!


  2. Kari says

    It’s very helpful, but it really causes some weird anxiety in me! I never thought I would be going to a dispensary lol!


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