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A Journal Entry


May 2023

Bob has been thriving on the kitchen counter. Bubbling. Fragrant.

Francis was sick last week. Listless. Guarding his tail. No appetite. Unable to get on my bed by himself. He is better. He doesn’t look so sad. But I think he is still not back to normal yet. I will keep an eye on him. He will be nine this summer.

David’s bed has arrived in a box with many, many screws and gadgets. He will need to look at it for a while before he puts it together. It will be lovely once its together and in his room. Finally.

I woke up this morning with a night’s worth of pent up pain. This pain is deep and saturates my body. As  the years pass pain seems to seep into all corners of my  body taking up permanent residence. Like it has found a home. Every corner seems to ache.

I have Tramadol and a Wyld gummy. 20:1. CBD:THC. I was fine through coffee and the Times.  I understand a combination of CBD and THC are best for pain relief. I think I would like a base of the CBD with varying amounts of THC. During the day I take small pieces of Wana Quick gummy 1:1 CBD:THC 10mg each. Still not enough for severe RA.

The Wyld and the Wana companies are reputable and have good quality control. This is new for me and might be my solution. We’ll see.

Eventually I will get a medical card and will get it through one of the doctors who specialize in cannabis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a common reason for getting a medical cannabis card.

I found a good recipe for quick pizza dough. NY Times. Instead of two pizzas, I made four individual pizzas. Simple sauce and cheese. Plus, my son makes a good salad for us each day.

Gordon Lightfoot has died. His music is wonderful and peaceful. Although his life wasn’t peaceful, he had a productive, busy time in the music world. And he left us with some good music.

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