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Marijuana relives RA pain.

At my last appointment with my rheumatologist, she mentioned that my biologic, Tocilizumab,  Actemra is all there is for now. I had been on methotrexate for seven years until I had a bad complication that included surgery. I’ve been on a variety of the biologics over the years. Actemra has kept me at fifty percent for the past year. It is beginning to lose its effectiveness. Maybe 35-45 percent at best.

I thought that it is a good time to retry cannabis. My son brought me to a dispensary, Greenleaf. A salesperson checked our ID’s. I had already reviewed the products they carry on online. I had selected a hybrid of 5mg THC and 5 mg CBD. It is a Wana Quick called Strawberry Margareta. There are ten candies in the container. Each with 5 mg CBD and 5 mg THC. The second container, harder to open, is Pomegranate Gummy. It is also 1:1. 10 Mg. Each candy has five mg CBD and five mg THC. Both reduce inflammation and pain. There is no high with CBD.

I have been taking 5mg.half a candy. About every 4-5 hours. That is two a day or 20mg a day. My pain is currently gone. I also have that nice little feeling of no cares. Great for resting. I imagine it will pass.

I alternate the cannabis with 50mg Tramadol. Much better relief.

New Mexico legalized medical marijuana years ago. At the time I filled out a form and brought it to my primary or rheumatologist for them to fill out and add their seal. I sent the paper work to state. When I tried it the first time. I felt very dizzy. It was not good. So time passed, years probably, and I am back at it. I think the dosage is better controlled. I have the pain relief I needed.

New Mexico has legalized recreation cannabis. No medical card is required, For the stronger stuff, a person needs a medical marijuana card. I will probably work up to getting one. Cards are easy to get. From your doctor or one can be securedon line.


  1. I use it frequently to help with RA and other issues. While it doesn’t take all my pain away it definitely helps! Good luck on your journey!

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