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Exploring and moving

Do you really want to spend any time walking on a treadmill or  riding a stationary bike?  Indoors?

Sure, it’s great if you live in Watertown, NY and you get socked in with snow. It’s also good if you live in a bad neighborhood.  But if you live in Albuquerque( ABQ to us), there is more to be had.

 Walking with your camera in the great open spaces.

I am a professional photographer. I have all the big expensive cameras with the impressive lens. I also have a seriously progressing Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have been lying low with pain and inflammation. Finally, I am ready to move again.  Baby steps.  Out walking trying to get my legs again, I take an old digital Canon. Fast. Satisfying. Easy.

I would never have seen these Sand hill Cranes when walking on a treadmill. I love these guys. Makes my heart happy to see these 4 foot visitors from the North. One of the oldest surviving birds, they mate for life and care for their young for a year.

Why can I walk?  I have damaged feet!  Well, lucky me for having George Ochs as a podiatrist. He fitted me with a brace for my left foot and ankle and sent me for orthopedic shoes. My feet are much happier. Don’t know how long it will last, but I am out exploring the open space along the Rio Grande. Good for the body, the soul and the mind. Making happy memories.


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