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Keeping RA Feet happy

My RA feet are much happier today.  They had not been happy for several years.  RA had started in my feet and included my ankles.  Pain and unstable gait were serious problems.

I was sent to a podiatrist. He ordered weight bearing x-rays of my feet which showed deteriorating joints.

He sent me for the following inserts that are available at New Balance stores. About $50 a pair.

ProThotics, Motion Control performance insoles

  • Support and stability for overall foot health and comfort
  • Anti-friction fabric, breathable, anti-microbial
  • Vy-Gel shock absorption across the forefoot and heel strike to protect against fasciitis
  • Strong arch and metatarsal features help to relieve pain and guard against harmful over- pronation
  • Structural stabilizer promotes maximum stability and helps correct postural alignment
  • Polyurethane base layer provides cushioning that will never flatten out over time
  • Bio-mechanical design helps prevent pronation and rolling ankles on uneven terrain.

They live up to their promise. I have two pairs. Yes, they are expensive but have made an incredible difference for me.

My podiatrist also sent me for new shoes.  I was fitted for excellent shoes I am an E width.  I had been wearing a B.  The importance of being fitted for shoes by an expert can never be underestimated. I had thought I was buying decent shoes. Wrong! I bought two pairs: one called a nurses shoe(black) and one an excellent walking sports shoe.  The New Balance store has an excellent reputation. Mr. Comfort is another shoe brand that is excellent for RA feet.

Between the inserts plus the well fitted, supported shoes, my feet are much happier for getting around. This help was non-invasive. It didn’t include more medication. It was expensive. But it made the world of difference for me.

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