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An RA life is doable First year

This has been a roller coaster year for me. I was lucky in some ways with a sudden and severe onset. There was no question about my diagnosis.

I searched and searched the internet looking for clues to my future. ( I suggest getting off the first two search pages if you want more than the same old thing.)

My RA is a bad case. I have no remission. All the little joints in my feet and in my hands have been swollen for 9 months.

Now I wake up daily to the surprise of what joints will be more swollen and demanding attention that morning.  I like to start the day by getting  all my little guys  moving.  My joints love me for it. I feel better sooner.

I make my coffee. Love freshly ground French roast beans. It is worth getting up just to have a cup. I feed Emma and Jimmy. Heat my heating pad in the micro. Take my first pill of the day after a blood sugar check. Settle into a warm back, hot coffee and my journal.

Multitasking in a happy way.

After the leisurely coffee ritual, a hot shower feels really good. Just don’t drop the big heart shaped soap on your worse toe. Not good. Still the shower is worth the risk. ( I don’t like the liquid soap. It misses the feel of texture of the real thing.)

Yoga, the big blue ball, a range of exercises learned at PT. Feelin good.

One of the important points about RA that has finally been pressed into my brain cells is the NEED to SLOW DOWN. I do get it. This is hard as I live life with gusto. That is how I approach everything. Full speed ahead.

I have a good morning. Go to work at 9:45 and leave at 6, but try for 5. This is great! It is a big change from my 9am to 8pm normal routine. I have decided what gets done within my new limits will have to be good enough. Gee, what an original thought. Life definitely is less stressful, less tiring. So far the world is not complaining.

My diet is getting very close to being too healthy. All that anti inflammatory stuff. I do like the grapes and can always eat the salad.

More another time. It is time for the heating pad, milk, a silly book and a nice warm soft bed.

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Woman, friend, mother, RN, photographer, gardener, writer, researcher, observer, swimmer. Pretty much the same as everyone else with my own little twist to things. RA, and three cancers and counting. Life is good despite the obstacles. It's worth the ride just to see the infinite variations of the human spirit.

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