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Thyroid CA surgery is done

My optimism avatarOn 10/16/13 Dr. Vasquez operated on me. I say she slit my throat but the appropriate procedure was a total thyroidectomy and central neck resection. I was lucky. I  had one of the best surgeons in the southwest doing her magic in my neck. I felt safe.

I was supposed to arrive at the hospital at 5:30 a.m. with a clean neck and an empty stomach.  The evening before I received a call from the hospital and was told my arrival time  was pushed back to 7:30a.m. and my surgery to 9:30a.m. Good I thought, I can sleep in. Next morning I took my designated meds as instructed(BP meds, prednisone, Plaquinil) dressed in loose easy to get into clothes and I am ready to go.

As we were loading into cars for the trip down the street and around the corner, my phone beeps and another change in the plan.  It is the hospital saying they are ready as soon as I could get there.  We are there in 5 minutes.  I register and copay.  Up in the surgical area more papers are signed. Phone numbers secured.

My sons and I are brought in to the presurgical area where I am settled into the bed that would be mine until I left the hospital the next day. More questions, vital signs, IV started. People coming and going. My sons at my side like knights in shining armor. My loves. Had a very serious conversation with the head anesthesiologist. A flurry of activity to get me moving. The person who stands out is this wirey colorful man who was the nurse anesthetist who declared himself a wet back whose mother was pregnant for him as she came over the border. I liked him. He was tricky though.

My brain was looking forward to seeing the inside of the OR and all the stuff they use.  Not to be. My last memory was leaving this room. In fact, I wasn’t even all the way out of the room. My favorite wetback had slipped me a mickey. Oh well. I went out in the preop room and woke up on the way to my post op room. There were my sons and a good old friend to greet me.  I had made it.

I had a horrible headache. Something I never have. Throat was sore. I admit to being a bad patient. The pain meds don’t work. I cannot sleep. I am waiting patiently to get out of there into my own bed. The nurses were kind, the bed was, in fact,comfortable. Plenty of warm blankets, room was quiet. I was able to eat a poached egg. Pudding and cream of broccoli soup went down.

Home felt very good. Warm and cosy. I slept well. Surgery was Wednesday. Today is Saturday and I feel fine. I took the pain pills Thursday and Friday. Will take three for today. Maybe one or none tomorrow. A little rest and I am good to go.

The cancer does not appear to be in my lymph glands. My parathyroids are intact and unbruised. I now have another pill to take. Levothyroxin (aka Synthroid). It is another lifetime medication. I take it first thing in the morning. Wait at least 30 minutes before coffee as coffee can disrupt the absorption of the Levothyroxin. Then I’m good to go.

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