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Did the Dinosaurs have RA?

They did not. They were a healthy species.  However, there were some who had holes in their bones similar to those humans who have Gout.

The earliest findings of RA in humans was actually in North America in an area know today as Tennessee. Bones found to belong to Native Americans who lived about 6500 years ago or in 4500 BC were authenticated to have RA.  Today Native Americans have the highest incidence of RA in any ethnic group.  Some argue that RA is a new disease but it seems they are ignoring all the evidence compiled by researchers. RA was also found to be present in Egyptian mummies.

We can feel fortunate that we have our RA in the present.  Even  in the 20th century it was a tough disease to have.  Aspirin was consumed in large doses as was Prednisone in the latter part of the century.  Prednisone was considered a miracle drug and was used in high doses.  Today it is helpful tool in our war chest but in much lower doses.

Although the dinosaurs didn’t have RA, the Egyptian mummies did. Lucile Ball and James Colburn had RA too. Do you remember them?

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  1. I think my grandma had RA altho she was never officially diagnosed with it (and I’m not saying she was from the dinosaur era either)…you know, back in those days they just didn’t run to the doctor for much of anything. But her hands were awfully deformed and the fingers frozen in place…I know she was in a lot of pain but only took aspirin for it. So, yeah…I think we’re lucky to have RA now…funny to say lucky, huh?


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