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RA flare warning signs

Many of us who have RA have premonitions before the onset of a flare. For me, I start feeling chilled. Occasionally, I will check my temperature to see if I am coming down with something and my temperature will be 100.4 F. or maybe 99.6 F. It is a Rheumatoid Arthritis temperature. Additionally, my skin becomes itchy over joints. They are not always the same joints. Sometimes it is the knuckles and sometimes it is the wrists.

I am also energetic and have several irons in the fire at the same time. As a flare draws nearer, I start losing my energy reserve. I feel like my battery is draining to a very low level. I knit more, and my baking becomes less creative. I feel duller. I would rather spend more time watching the Great British Bake Off and less time working on research for my current book. I am sinking.

For me, it is time to start a Medrol dose pack and let myself slow down. I will still need to go to the gym or for a walk, but it can be done at half speed. After my hip experience, I have learned that no matter how bad you feel, you must keep your body moving.

I have not noticed any triggers in the five years that my RA has been diagnosed. I am alert to the idea. The best I have is the warning signs of an imminent flare. It gives me the ability to nip the flare in the bud or at least lessen it.


  1. Yes, time to slow down when warning signs begin to appear. Bunker down a little when in wintry weather. And hope for this too shall pass!


  2. Rick Phillips says

    I tend to know I will have a flare when my wife starts her to do list. Oh yeah I can see that flare train coming. LOL, no I am teasing. What I do notice is that I slow down when I am close. I tend ot laugh less and sleep more. A man with a flare is a terrible thing to be around.


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