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Sleep and RA

Those with RA need 10 hours sleep.

When I first read that those with RA needed nine or ten hours sleep a night, I laughed. Who would have the time to sleep that long? In the early years with RA, I struggled to get seven hours. Pain was a constant companion. Bed felt like a torture rack.  But I have learned over the last ten years that I do need more sleep. I also need more time in the morning to get functional.

My RA has never been as well controlled as some. More pain and more inflammation. Now my painful sleepless nights are relieved with a very good sedative. I have a good rest most nights. I also do not have any caffeine in the evening. I avoid stimulating stories or movies. I wear fuzzy sox to bed to keep my feet warm. I go to sleep with the gentile sound of rain on my Echo. My bed has a heated mattress pad

When I can’t sleep at night, it is because of a flare. My shoulders are badly damaged. When my body is inflamed, I have a hard time  finding a comfortable position. Actemra does keep me from being in a constant flare.

Sleep gives our body time to concentrate on repair and renewal. All those  minute chemical reactions that occur in our bodies can complete their cycles and restore equilibrium. With RA our bodies are stressed both physically and mentally. We need a lot more repair time.

When I wake up in the morning, I am stiff and in pain. I let Francis out. I pour a cup of coffee that my son has brewed. I spend a good hour reading the New York Times and sipping my coffee. And next I am ready to go through the process of dressing. As fellow RA people know, dressing is a challenge in itself.

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