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A hospital visit

I have returned after spending three days in the hospital. It started with feeling poorly. Progressed to vomiting. Then to a rapid heart rate and a low oxygen sat.

I had every test in the doctors diagnosis manual. Nothing specific. I have a strong heart and lungs that work. No new cancers in my abdomen. No interstitial lung disease. Two inflammation markers were normal. So Actemra is working on some level.

Hospital beds are awful. Especially in the ER. Nurses and doctors are very nice and competent. It was so cold the night nurses were wearing their ski jackets. There are a lot of wires and tubes. Hard to move around.

I had had two drug changes and the senior flu vaccine. I felt better when I came home. I did not have those drugs while in the hospital. So, in addition to having RA the composite led me to the hospital.

Very happy to be home with my son and with Francis. And with my warm bed. And no lights during the night. I have a doctor appointment and a PT appointment Monday. My leg wound is ready for the recumbent bike. So, I start today.

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