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RA and Another Biopsy

Back to the hospital for another round with the medical community. When I had learned that I would need an endometrial biopsy for uterine changes due to the breast cancer drug Tamoxifen and a D&C due to polyps, all I could think of was here we go again. I am six months out from a difficult hip replacement recovery.

I am still recovering, stiff and sore. But I am in much better shape than I had been. I am in warm water therapy classes several times a week. My garden is a joy. Beautiful, productive and satisfying. My yard is home to rabbits, a squirrel, quail, roadrunner and a happy assortment of birds. By the end of the year I hope to be certified as a wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. My brain is finally working, and I am starting to write again. Then this.

I had previously written a blog on getting more bad news. This really isn’t bad yet. I won’t know for another 10 days or so. Those with RA are at increased risk for a fatal outcome with a cancer diagnosis. So far I have proved the statistics wrong.

My experience in day surgery was a good one. My nurses were professional, pleasant and helpful. I was well taken care of. My OR experience was so much better than the one I had for my hip surgery. My doctor had been concerned about my hip during her surgery and made sure I was comfortably positioned before putting me to sleep. My recovery was uneventful. I rested for a day or two realizing that my age warranted the rest time.

I am much happier alternating restful activities with motion. Sitting too long is not good for anyone. I have learned with my RA that pacing works. I have a more satisfying day when I alternate rest with action. My shelf life is longer.

We have had extreme winds the last few days. It hasn’t been safe or comfortable to work outdoors. I have great respect for the trees, plants and wildlife in times like this. Hopefully, the winds are calming down today. I will take a trip to Lowe’s and walk the garden aisles with my cane looking for plants that I need for my garden. Coming home I will take a nap. Then I will fill the feeders, watering holes and start the planned watering.

Life goes on even during a crisis. I have the hope that this is merely a blip in my life’s experience. If not, as my son told me, we will get through this one day at a time.


  1. One day at a time. A good motto. I like your “ shelf life” analogy. I need the downtime too, or I will collapse on the shelf!


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