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Back from my hip replacement

My hip replacement didn’t turn out to be as smooth as I would have expected but my hip joint is fine and all the severe pain I had before the surgery is gone. It is a relief and makes the experience I had well worth the effort. The surgeon said my hip was warn out so I’m very glad he decided to do the surgery.

During Thanksgiving week I overdid walking with the cane and sitting too long. So yesterday during my physical  therapy appointment, my therapist and I decided I needed to stay with the walker when I went out and use the cane for practice only at home. My pain had increased and I wasn’t doing as well.

Back to the drawing board. Time to let the inflammation in the hip heal and to follow the rules.  And to rest more. I enjoy doing my assigned exercises. Resting more is hard.

I have had two RA flares since surgery. One was in the Rehab center as they had skipped my methotrexate dose. Why? They said because I was at my doctor’s appointment.  Odd reason. I was finally given the shot. Amazing what a difference it makes. The second time was at home. My feet were badly inflamed as were my shoulders and wrists and hands. I added the Medrol dose pack. It always helps. I also rub a cannabis ointment  into my feet and toes. This is a big help, too.

I am writing a small book on my hip experience. I will publish it in Kindle by the end of the month. I had the good fortune of working with kind, thoughtful people throughout my experience. I had run into one, maybe two unpleasant souls. So overall it was good. Lucky me.


  1. Rick Phillips says

    I hope your inflammation goes down a little. I had my hip replaced in January 2013 and it took a good deal of time to get back up and running. The good news is that after 4 years the hip replacement is one of the best things I have ever done. I hope yours turns out even better than mine.


    • Thanks Rick, You are reassuring. I am doing much better than I had been doing. Of course, during Thanksgiving I seriously overdid it with my grandchildren in town. So I did back track. I have settled down to living with the 4 wheel walker until my hip is stronger. The cane just didn’t work for me. I am going to PT for another month. I love it and I happily do all my exercises. Life is good!


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