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RA Hip Replacement

I am hopeful that my summer long saga of pain and futility are drawing to a close. My surgery is two weeks away. I am grateful to Ruth and her practical approach to problems. It is reassuring to me. After all my worry and anxiety,  I know I will be fine.

I have only one more item to check off my list. It is an appointment to see my surgeon’s PA. My dentist gave me a pass. I had no oral infection. My primary met with me and did his part. I participated in a two-hour hip class which was informative but also made me anxious. I met with the anesthesiology nurse. I passed all my labs.

My worries

My RA will become a worsening problem as I will be off Medrol and meloxicam starting Sunday. My RA feet are badly affected as are my ankles. My tendons in my legs are also a problem when I walk. My hands, wrists and shoulders are also problematic. After taking the hip class, I became concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do such things as get up on my elbows to do the maneuvering to get up out of bed. I was reassured by the class nurse in a follow-up call that my recovery period would be tailored to meet my needs and all would be well. I am okay with it as much as I can be.

I am a planner. It isn’t always a good thing. I realized that although sleeping on the affected hip worked for me, after surgery I would not be sleeping on my incision. So, I decided to practice sleeping on the opposite side, the unaffected side. It was a bad decision. My pain quadrupled. It was unbearable. It was so bad that when I laid down I couldn’t get up to brush my teeth and put my nightgown on. I slept in my clothes with my socks on. So, after spending two days in pain beyond belief, I went back to sleeping on my bad hip. My pain level is much better.

The walker is another issue. My RA Doc ordered a walker when she saw me limping down the hall. It is a great walker. It has helped me stay mobile.  It has a bench that is handy for carrying things like coffee or laundry. I enjoy my walker for the freedom it has given me. After the Hip class, I realized that I would need a different walker. Oh no, I thought, one more learning experience. So, I bought the correct walker and I practiced with it. There was no place on it to carry my laundry or to carry my coffee. So, I decided to do what I had been told by many health care professionals and Ruth to do. And that is to work with today only. The rest will take care of itself. I am using my favorite walker and am sleeping peacefully on my bad hip. I am good with that. My exercise into preparedness was futile.

My last worry is about going home. I am expecting that I will be discharged from the hospital three days after my total hip replacement surgery. I have prepared the home front as best I can. My son, who is also handicapped, will help me the best he can. It may be possible to have home healthcare or it may be possible to extend rehab for a few days. But it is all maybe.  Not for someone who is a planner. I am into month five with this problem. I’ll be glad when it’s all over. So will Ruth.


  1. I agree. Enough is enough. Your nurses and physical therapists are educated to answer your questions and help you through this experience. Don’t be afraid to holler for help! Sending good thoughts and prayers!


    • I had my last appt with the surgeon’s PA today. I recently had an MRI of my spine that doesn’t look good (stable). Now they consider me high risk for an elective procedure. This is 10 days before surgery.

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  2. Sounds like it’s time to take a deep breath! I hope you have some warm and encouraging interactions during these last few days preop.


    • Thanks, Lois. I was informed Thursday that the surgery was a go. My primary and my RA Doc spoke up for me. It would be difficult to fix my back with a bad hip. I appreciate your words.


  3. You are welcome! Just came home from a day conference to inspire women with faith-based stories. I went with my daughter, and we were both touched by the speakers. The theme was the verse that says something like I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The speakers experienced a variety of horrible things/years in their lives and have survived to inspire others with their stories of how they now can see God was there all the time, but certainly didn’t feel a divine presence at the time. No matter your belief, I hope hearing about the resilience of some other women gives you some comfort!


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