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RA Fog

Last month I finally filled out the form for the Arthritis Foundation, made out my $20 check and mailed it in. A few days ago I received my first copy of Arthritis Today. I was surprised and impressed. It is a small magazine, not cluttered by pages of ads.  The focus of the magazine is to be helpful to those with arthritis. It is. There are interesting and helpful articles.

I enjoyed the article about Clark Middleton. He was the DMV guy on the series the Blacklist. Funny character. He had juvenile idiopathic arthritis as a child. He had many joint replacements and continues today with methotrexate and a biologic. His is the story of a man who has accomplished a lot while coping with a debilitating disease.

The article on Brain Fog reminded me of methotrexate fog. That was a hurdle for me as I settled into methotrexate treatment. I was a sharp business woman. I had to be in order to stay in business for over 25 years. I had always done my own taxes and was always satisfied and more importantly  so was the IRS.

I don’t think anyone realizes just how hard it is to keep anything straight when you have a chronic disease like RA. Paying bills on time. Doing all the routine processes we hardly think about can be a real challenge. I will never forget how I was in Brain Fog big time when I filed my 2013 taxes. All I can say is that my 2013 tax return was a totally dumb tax return. On hindsight I was amazed that I had filed it. It took me six months to straighten it out with the IRS. Phew. I do understand the brain fog and inflammation thing. I try to be careful, but I just don’t totally trust myself anymore. I loved this reader’s tip by Michelle. “Yes I have brain fog! What do I do to help? Oh wait! I forget.”

There is more but I feel the creeping gray of fog slipping into my cerebrum. I think I will go make lunch.

Note: The magazine has been cancelled. The web site of the Arthritis Foundation is an informative site.

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