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Being in a funk with RA

I have to admit I am in a place where the mind is willing but my RA body is not. I have been living with extreme pain for a month and I have been trying to manage it myself.  Yoga, pain medicine on schedule, more medrol.  All for naught. I had sent an email via My Chart to my rheumatologist but I had no response.  It seems to be a situation where I have no choice but to call her.  Last I talked with her she was mad at me because I brought the statistics on Actemra to her. So asking her for help is a stretch. However, I have gone through my resources and they are not enough. So I will call.

Living with chronic pain is bad enough. The worst of it is how immobilizing it is. My hip joints are deteriorating as is my spine. The worst of the pain is in my left hip and I bet it is where the sciatic nerve passes by the hip joint. I am okay if I stay in one place but I know that staying in one place is a kiss of death. I keep moving. I  have a cane that relieves the weight on the left hip when I am walking.

I wish I had reacquainted myself with yoga a lot sooner. Our bodies have a wonderful frame supported by muscles, ligaments and tendons. As we age our structure deteriorates when it is not well managed and deteriorates quicker when there is disability. I have always been physically active and it has served me well. But now I feel like I need more.

My yoga practice centers on back strengthening, hip opening and restorative activities. It is a good place to start and to develop a regular practice. In the mean time I will seek medical help and hope I do find it.


  1. Sending prayers for relief, Mary. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve exhausted all possibilities for relief, and I know the other side where I am most of the time now and am thankful. Wishing the same for you. Lois


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