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The challenge of Feet

RA tests

My rheumatologist sent me to a podiatrist, a foot doctor.                 Charming man. Once a client of mine.        X-rays were ordered, the podiatrist way.

Standing. Weight bearing. Three views each.  For the third view I climbed steps  and was x-rayed  at foot level.   A  much better test than the standard foot  x-rays.

Results: persistent degenerative changes with in the feet bilaterally.

I admit that this was expected. What happens next?  My doc said surgery is not the answer.  As my feet get worse he feels steroid injections would be helpful.

Now it is important that I wear shoes that fit  well and offer good support.  I should also wear special inserts (Motion Control performance insoles by Prothotics). I got the inserts first.  They are so much better than anything you will find at Target or Walmart. They have support for feet in areas that are thinning in RA.

He suggested our New Balance store or REI.  New Balance was closer. They fitted the inserts and fitted me for shoes that have lots of room for my toes, heel and arch support. I got two pairs, different models. Best to alternate shoes.

Excellent shoes plus extra special support. My feet hurt a lot less.  I do have much happier feet and I believe my RA will progress much more slowly.

Podiatrist+x-rays+shoes well fitted with support and cushioning+extra support with special inserts=MUCH HAPPIER FEET!



  1. juliasarahelizabeth says

    I recently went through this process too. Still waiting for my orthotics to arrive. My podiatrist read me the riot act about my nikes. First, we women RA patients must mourn the loss of heels and then our fav kicks. Sigh. Men have no idea . . .


  2. I have never really been able to wear heels my feet have always been in issue of pain for most of my life! I purchased them, I loved them, I just could never really wear them. I would wear them out and bring a spare, not long into the eavning I would switch them out for flats. I too have inserts cheapies from foot docs office, I will have to check these you mention out. Thank You for the info ;~) MysticalLunaRose.


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