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RA tools-Massage

In the proper spirit of being the manager for my RA, I thought about what tool I could use to help manage my RA.

Top on my list was massage:  Helps the pain-tense muscles to relax. Stimulates the lymphatics. And best of all is a thoroughly relaxing experience.

Today I had an hour massage at ABQ Medical Massage Therapy. It was an Oncology Massage. I have several cancers as well as RA and they do open a few doors. The massage was given by Sean, a senior student.

I was directed to a quiet room. Asked if the room temperature was okay. Offered water. And directed to disrobe to my comfort level. I go to my panties. Lay down on the table which was warm and cozy. Covered up with a sheet and a light blanket.

When Sean returned, he adjusted my head pillow and placed a pillow under my knees. Quiet music. Sean worked his magic as he worked my body into relaxation. Peaceful bliss. I felt pampered and happy.

When I was diagnosed with RA, I could not envision a massage. My body was wracked with extreme pain. It would not have been a good time.

Now that my medical team is doing all they can to manage my RA, I am doing my part with slowing down my life, managing my relentless symptoms, focusing on good food, staying in motion.

The massage was an indulgence. I had that very good feeling you get when being given a treat. Very nice. An experience each person with a painful chronic disease needs in her life.

I had decided to make the call. I showed up. I was rewarded. Try it.

This magical experience was $20 plus a $5 tip. An affordable indulgence.

I had a very good rest of the day.

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