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A few symptoms of RA

RA Just sayin

The only certain thing about Rheumatoid Arthritis is its unpredictable nature.

It affects each of us differently and our response to treatment is also unique.  It is  a disease that is considered hard to diagnose. The one who can do it most efficiently is a rheumatologist.

Characteristic of RA is small joint involvement.  That is why the joints of the fingers, hands, toes, feet, wrists are frequently affected.

Also characteristic of RA is bilateral involvement. That is why the middle finger of the left hand and the middle finger of the right hand might be involved.  Bilateral. Both feet. Both hands. Both ankles.

I had problems with my feet for a long time. My primary doctor thought I was too old to have RA. Treatment was delayed and now I have foot damage. I have a hard time walking.

When my RA became extremely acute, the pain started in my left shoulder. Soon both hands as well as both feet were affected. And on it goes to most of the joints in my body.

How did yours start?


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