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Methotrexate Injection

Methotrexate Injection

Methotrexate Injection

Why injection?                                                                                                                                            To avoid side effects or to have more of the medication absorbed by the body.

  • There is 25 mg/ml of medication
  • The syringe is either tuberculin or insulin
  • Both have a one ml capacity
  • Both have very thin needles

Have all your supplies ready

  • Vial of methotrexate, syringe, alcohol swab.
  • Also access to your upper belly or outer thigh.

It’s easy as this

  1. Wipe off top of vial with alcohol
  2. Remove covers on syringe
  3. Draw back on the syringe to add about .5 ml of air
  4. Insert needle of syringe into vial
  5. Push in the air(avoids med leaks)
  6. withdraw the correct dose of your medication( mine is 25 mg or 1 ml so I withdraw up to the 1 ml mark). Tap out the air bubbles.
  7. Pinch a bit of your skin, belly or outer leg
  8. Wipe with alcohol swab
  9. Insert the needle(think dart)
  10. Push plunger to empty
  11. withdraw needle
  12. Wipe skin if any leaks.
  • There are no blood vessels in these particular areas that you need to be concerned with.
  •  Put your vial back in its box to protect the medicine from the light.
  • Put your used supplies (syringe, DO NOT RECAP THE NEEDLE, and alcohol wipes) into the sharps container
  • This is awkward at first(new skill) but you will become expert after two or three administrations.
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  1. Karen says

    Hi Mary,
    Could I have permission to borrow your picture of your MTX injection and syringe for a university lecture in powerpoint on medications? I will credit you of course. I like that it looks like a photo someone took from home, rather than a sterile pharmaceutical product photo. Thank you!


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