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A Thera bath and my Hands

A New Mexico blue sky. January temperature  30⁰. Enough water. Probably.  Our state has always taken water conservation seriously. Las Vegas should be as lucky. My potted parsley near the patio door is still thriving. Drooping but thriving.  And life goes on.

Actemra continues to help my rheumatoid arthritis at 50 percent. Last week I found an old bottle of Meloxicam, a NSAID, like ibuprofen. I restarted it. I doubt Dr R would mind.  It has boosted my relief to seventy-five percent. Very good. Dr. R had stopped it because it can elevate blood pressure and at the time my blood pressure was elevated. It is well controlled now.

The VA sent me a Thera bath paraffin wax kit. Tank for heating the paraffin, twelve pounds of paraffin, mitts and plastic sleeves. I set it up last night. It should be ready to use.  I had used one previously at physical therapy for my hands. It was wonderful. Now I have my own. Lucky me.

Bob, my sourdough starter, is in the refrigerator. It is almost time for his once a week feeding. My sourdough English muffins are good. I cooked them on the griddle on my new stove. Much easier than getting out my old portable griddle. It was heavy to move.

Today I will make buns so we can have bratwurst for dinner. These bratwurst will never be as good as the ones from a German street vender. But they are not bad. I make the dough for these buns in my bread machine. I shape them and after they have risen, I will bake them. Easy process.

My RA hands are getting worst. The joints lock in a set position more often.  My hands miss their mark and tip over anything in their way. Annoying. I am just glad my pointers work. I went through a time where my left hand did not work at all. So, I had only my right pointer to type. Took a while. I have both pointers now. Much better. Small victories.

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