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The World Cup

When we are disabled with a chronic disease, we are inclined to become discouraged especially when we are living in pain every single day. Something each of us needs to remember.  Each of us has something that will distract us. The something that will take us to another place that is exciting and will keep us occupied. The something that makes living worthwhile. For me these past weeks has been the World Cup. Soccer to Americans. Football to the rest of the world.

I started watching soccer when my three sons were little boys. I learned about soccer as they did. For some years we had two games on Saturday and some years we had three. The beauty of soccer is the divine movement of the human body. Intensity. Expression. The joy of winning and the sadness in losing after a game played until exhaustion. Played until there was not a drop of energy left. And still having time for hugs.

Now I watch both world cups, men’s this year and women’s next year. I watched the eleven or twelve o’clock games Mountain time. So I watched Argentina and Brazil, Portugal, USA, France, Spain and others. My favorite team was France, for skill set and favorite players. I hope to see them play Argentina on Sunday. Then it will be all over until next year and the women’s World Cup.

What is America’s women’s team like after losing members to retirement.  How is Japan’s team. Who are emerging stars. I have only seen a woman score a goal from a corner kick. Amazing to see. As was a man scoring a goal with a kick from the other end of the field.

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