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If you have been reading my articles lately, you might think I have been vacillating about the effectiveness of Actemra. You  would be right. I have vacillated about its effectiveness. Probably because I really wanted this drug to work for me. Historically, my flares always seem to roll from one to another without much in between. I have spent a lot of time in very bad flares where the pain is so severe it is hard to move. A body full to the brim with inflammation that leaves me depleted of energy. That is why I could see the Actemra working. I had a few extra days between flares. I did have some relief.

But those days are disappearing. More bouts of illness with fewer days in between. I will continue to take it until there is no value left. Actemra was the last of the  RA drugs to try. My doc brought up the idea of using Imuran. I am reluctant to try it. We will see.

I have had week thirteen at the wound clinic. The wound is shrinking even though the nurses said  it looked too wet.  They used silver nitrate on it this time. They triple wrapped it. I am good for another week.

We sent in our absentee ballots. These elections are important to everyone. Voter turnout for Republicans as well as Democrat is already a record. New Mexico is mostly Democrat. Everyone is encouraged to vote. Voting is made easy.

Halloween is next. My son ordered $25 worth of candy. Hopefully, we get some trick or treaters.  

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