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RA Feet and Hydroponics

When you are putting on your shoes, have you ever thought about what is inside your feet?  Did you know that twenty-five percent of the bones in the body are in the feet?  The feet each have thirty joints and more than one hundred muscles, ligaments and tendons. That is a lot of structure.

My RA started in my feet. It was largely ignored by my primary.  It was a time  before rheumatologists took RA in the feet seriously. Not that long ago. Still today an assessment tool that RA docs use every day does not include the joints of the foot.

Eventually ninety percent of those with RA have problems with the joints in their feet. Taking care of our feet is important. Our feet are necessary for mobility. I have always worn good shoes. A necessity when you are a nurse. When I am out, I wear custom inserts in special shoes. At home I wear yoga Muezna socks over regular socks. Structure and protection when I am out. Comfort at home.

My tasty treat tomato plants are quite large. Amazing how they grew from tiny seeds into plants covered in flowers and little tomatoes. Oregano and basil thrive in the hydroponics. I have dill and thyme growing plus a milkweed plant and a sunflower plant. The last two will make their way to pots on the patio. My plan for the hydroponics is as a starter medium and also a herb garden for kitchen use.

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