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And the answer is Actemra

Albuquerque today. We are overcast and windy and warm. A good day to stay indoors. My Hosta are finally poking their little heads through the dirt.  After my garden neglect of last summer, I was worried that I killed them. Sturdy little guys. Happy to see them. I covered them with a netting. The squirrels like to munch on them as they come up. Once they are established, I remove the netting. The squirrels will have moved on to something else.

My hydroponic garden is doing well. The tomatoes have been transplanted into pots. We have had the lettuce in our salad three times. I have used the basil. The oregano is tiny.

I emailed my rheumatologist this morning. My Orencia, abatacept, is working but only about 15%. Not enough. She said that maybe we need to skip Imuran, and return to Actemra, tocilizumab. The last time we talked about it, I brought up my concern about rupturing diverticulitis, a complication. She suggested that I just go to the emergency room if I have a problem. 

You remember this logic,

  • if you say it is a poison and
  • you know it is a poison, but
  • you are told it will help RA symptoms,
  • you will agree  take it
  • you persuade yourself,
  • there will be no complications
  • your doctor agrees
  • I wish you luck
  • I wish myself luck

Most of us agree with the choice. RA symptoms are too difficult to live with and the doctors have little else in their toolboxes. The biologics are wonder drugs for some until they are not. For the thirty percent of us who have no relief, the science is still lacking.

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