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How can life be so hard and so good at the same time?

For me it can. I have rheumatoid arthritis. 9 years. It lives up to its reputation. It is a painful disease.  In the early years I would feel overwhelming fatigue. Like living in a fog. Not wanting to move. Thankfully that part is gone. My major struggle with RA is constant pain and deformed joints. I have developed osteoporosis in the vertebrae in my spine. My spine is collapsing. I also have a history of three different cancers. This is what I have to work with.  And I do. Work with it, I mean. I have a pain medication schedule. I use a cane and I also use a walker on wheels. Not at the same time though. I can’t stand for long so I pace myself.

That is the hard part. The good part is that I enjoy my life. I am a mother. I am well-traveled in the US and Europe. I have been a skilled nurse and I have had a successful photography business. I don’t have burning unfulfilled dreams.

My current desire is to cocoon in my beautiful little home. To bake. To read. To knit. To write and to garden a little. I live with my son who is disabled and is a wonderful companion.

We have dinner together every night. I know I can always rely on him. He enjoys my cooking. So, I am the happy cook, and he is assured of a good dinner. Life is good.

I love jigsaw puzzles. I love Ravensburger puzzles. I especially love the puzzles by artist Colin Thompson. He created the Curious Cupboard series which really includes the Bizarre Bookshop 2, my favorite.  The pieces are colorful and unique. It is a meditative pastime. It is a distraction technique. And then there is Bob, my sourdough starter. My recent batch of sourdough English muffins was excellent. I include a picture. Although riddled with the treachery of rheumatoid arthritis, my life is still good.

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