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A sourdough distraction

I am working on an article about ointments for RA. It started out as a simple piece but the more I looked, the more there was. So, I decided to pause it and write on a topic close to my heart and less complicated. So here goes.

My sourdough experiments.

My pain levels are in the red more often than they are in the blue. I woke up this morning in a level six even though I had taken Tramadol during the night. It is frustrating and discouraging as well as painful. My pain level rarely goes below a 4, but at that level I can function and carry on with my daily activities. Once it hits 5, I have a harder time. You can imagine what happens with a 6.

Distraction is a technique that will work for me for a while. I have several favorites. One distraction  is managing my sourdough project. Last spring I decided it was time to learn how to make sourdough bread. I bought a starter from King Arthur Baking Company and got to work. Once it is established a starter will continue to live as long as it is fed with more flour and water. Before feeding it, I discard an equal amount of starter to control the volume.  I found I enjoyed checking on my starter. It is satisfying to look into the crock and see it bubbling happily.

Since I spent the summer with weekly wound clinic visits, I neglected my starter and it died. In the fall I was ready to start again. This time I made my own. I used whole grain rye flour which is best for creating a starter. I followed King Arthur’s directions. After many repeats of feeding and discarding, my starter was created.  I decided to name him Bob since he is alive, and I do have to feed him. Keeping him on the kitchen counter works better than keeping him in the refrigerator. I feed him every couple of days, but I look in on him every morning.

I have been making sourdough English muffins. They are easy to make and so much better than store bought. This last time I decided to make them bigger. That was fine but I made them too thick. Next time I will make them big but thinner so they will crisp up better when toasted. Perfection.

Many times, my RA is just too painful for baking projects.  It is a time to rest. I can read about my next sourdough recipe. And I can have a toasted English muffin with my coffee.

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