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Memory Palace for those precious memories

16aI’m sure that you have heard how helpful a memory palace can be.   Generally, a memory palace is a system for remembering information.  It is a very special system and can be used in a variety of ways.

It is an excellent way to store all your favorite memories so you know where they are located.  It is a place to visit when you want to feel good.  The memory of a feeling, the  feel of a breeze on your cheek. The smell of the fresh morning air. Hugging your chubby baby. Hearing your favorite guy laugh. The good feelings of friends and family happy together. Happy carefree times with children. Valuable memories. It can be memories of favorite books, movies maybe.

A memory palace can be anything. Mine is a comfortable old white house with a wrap around porch. An old fashioned wooden screen door. Hardwood floors. Library where many of my memories are stored. A kitchen. Back porch and trees.   I can add rooms but I do think mood more than specifics. I can go instantly into the library or I can leisurely enter the house.

My purpose in building a memory palace is to have  all the favorite memories I love in special places in my mind so that when I am very sick and not able to do a lot or I just want to feel good, I can go into my mind,  locate my palace, climb the short steps to the porch, check out the flowers on a nearby table, open the screen door and walk down the hall and  into the library where I have stored my precious memories on the shelves.  I take down a favorite, sit in a cozy chair and revisit the memory. So very nice. It is mine. Yours will be yours. It can be anyway you want it to be.  Try making one.

This memory palace is for all the good memories no matter the size. There is plenty of room for adding new memories and for adding memories lost, but found again.

(The children in the photograph are my grandchildren. I made the image on one of our adventures, a memory that will always be in my memory palace.)


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