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Infection and off methotrexate

I stopped taking Actemra. I had only two doses this time. Last week I stopped taking methotrexate. I had been on it since 2013. All this was at  a suggestion from my oncologist who was helping me battle a severe breast infection. The infection started in October 2019. I went to a wound clinic for a month. I had surgery to debride necrotic, radiated breast tissue 13 December.

Then the infection returned. Perhaps it had never left. I also developed a severe cellulitis. The cellulitis covered my entire breast or what was left of it. Now the cellulitis is down to a couple of inches. The whole thing was caused by  the radiation treatment that I had for breast cancer in 2013. The radiated tissue became necrotic and infected. It is not uncommon. I wonder what part my RA drugs played in this long standing dilemma. This infection has gone on for three months.

I do know that methotrexate should be stopped while a person is on an antibiotic. Methotrexate should not be used at the same time a person is prescribed Bactrim.

This will be the longest time that I have been off a DMARD. . Maybe this is a good thing. I might be fine without it. My RA has always felt systemic. When I am flaring, my whole body feels sick. I have many joints that are inflamed at a same time. Too many to count. As you can see I am a little nervous about this.

I have not had an infection associated with taking RA drugs except the time I developed a severe flu when I had been on Orencia for a year.

I am feeling better. I still irrigate my wound and have since October, so it is part of my routine. I will be glad when it is done. I do see stopping methotrexate as the grand experiment to see if I can manage my RA without drugs.


  1. Pam says

    Best of luck to you and happy healing. I will be eager to follow your progress.
    There are so many complicated RA and med stories. It certainly causes concern. I’m off of Orencia and starting Remicade soon (with Plaquenil, Methotrexate). But each new med comes with its own risks. Fingers crossed.


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