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Our core and why we need it


Our core is our foundation. It is the stabilizer muscles. It links the upper body with the lower body. Our core  keeps us upright, agile, and able to perform all the daily tasks that constitute our lives. The core muscles are located in our trunk.

Our core is a muscular corset that keeps our organs inside, our backs upright and our bodies able to do their job.  It lets us twist and bend.  A strong core will keep us in good shape as we age and when we are ill.

With a strong core we are less likely to fall as we get older. We are less likely to have back problems. We use our core when we do housework and when we play golf. We use our core when we play with our children and when we have sex.

The quality of our activity depends on our core. The core comprises groups of muscles with strange sounding names. The rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis; the obliques, front and side,  lower lats, erector spinae, running the length of the spine both sides;  the iliopsoas and quadratus lumborum in your pelvis, the glutes.

Muscles in the butt and hips, muscles around your spine, your abs, muscles in the middle and upper back are words we understand and muscles we can feel. Many muscles of our core are deep within our body. We only notice them when we cough, sneeze, or laugh.

Swimming is the best all muscle exercise. I it takes care of all those deep muscles. A good yoga routine covers it all also. The recumbent bike is a great exercise for the hip and the butt. An overall conditioning class like the Silver Sneakers Classic gives our core a good work out, too.

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