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I’m Back

I have completed chemotherapy and I have completed radiation. At this point I think I am cured. It’s been a long year. I am grateful as I have friends who are not as fortunate.

In addition to  being diagnosed with another cancer this year, my computer died. The new one arrived Friday. It is nice to be up and running again.

My RA doc has moved on to the VA. She is going to be working on research projects as well as seeing patients. I have followed her as I am a Vet.  She is happy. She had spent several of her student years working at the VA and appreciates its culture.

She has ordered Voltaren Gel for the pain I have in my feet. The pain is a problem for me when I go to bed. Voltaren is a topical gel of Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory. It arrived this morning. I will let you know if it works for me.

Albuquerque has been one of the cold spots in the nation. It’s been down to 2 degrees at night and the teens during the day. We’ve had three inches of snow here. Thankfully, all is improving. The nights are back up to the 30s and days to 40s. I will never complain about our lack of snow again.

I hope all is well with all of you. Working with a keyboard is so much nicer than going for chemo.



  1. I’ll be praying for a good year for you, Mary! It’s time you had a nice long reprieve. I’ve not heard of Voltaren. Sounds like a good alternative to avoid GI issues from an oral anti inflammatory.


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