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How my hair came to fall out, more experiences with cancer treatment

I remember when I learned about my latest cancer (#3).I knew that once again my life would be consumed by all things cancer. After major comprehensive surgery (they took almost everything out), it was time to settle into chemotherapy. My oncologist, Sara Jordan, had explained the reasoning behind the treatment she proposed. Chemotherapy would be part two after surgery and before vaginal radiation. I figured she might be able to cure me which sounded appealing and worth the effort I would be expending. This picture shows my hair, but it was taken after surgery and before chemo.

The chemo was to be a commonly used combination of Taxol and Carboplatin. Six sessions in 21-day cycles. Hair loss is definite and is estimated to be 2-3 weeks after initial infusion. This allows a little planning time. My hair stylist, Audrey, cut my hair into a short pixie. Much better than a butch or a clean shave. The second part of the plan was to shave it when it started falling out.

About day 19 after the initial infusion, my scalp began to hurt. It hurt on a level of 7-8 on the pain scale. Sharp pain. I found that when I gave some a gentle yank, if fell out and the pain disappeared. Over two days I went from a person in pain with an obsession to a bald woman with a happy head. I was amazed that I was so glad to be rid of it. Besides I have a well-formed head. Looks good bald. Cream. No Make-up. Just me. Aloe Vera with sunscreen to my head.

This was my experience. Being unique people, we will all have different experiences and we will make different choices.

I enjoy this cap.  cotton, comfy, summery.

The thought of being bald was a tough one, but now my head has about 12 different head coverings including a fun new wig and it really isn’t so bad after all.

A few resources you might enjoy.

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  1. Rick Phillips says

    See you are getting more attractive with each new head scarf.


  2. Head coverings have sentimental value. When my sister passed away a year ago from esophageal cancer, I was able to have her pink angora derby-type hat. A poignant memory of her five-month illness. Best wishes being comfy!


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