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I thought I was going bald, it was just the MTX

About six weeks ago, I started noticing my hair thinning. I thought it was odd because my dad had thick hair in his older years. I expected my hair would do the same. My hairdresser also noticed the thinning. It was real. Next, I started noticing bunches of hair on my comb. “My hair is falling out,” I thought. Right again. I quickly realized that it was the methotrexate (MTX). Hair loss only occurs in 1-3% of those on MTX. I have been on it for five years and the last three years I have been giving myself 25mg injections. It works for me. I am also on hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil). Plaquenil can also cause hair loss.

I started taking MTX every eight days instead of every seven. Every nine days starts an RA flare. I stick with the eight days. I also cut the Plaquenil to 200 mg daily from 400 mg daily. My hair is no longer falling out. However, my hair hasn’t grown since my last haircut. Unfortunately, it was the second worst haircut my hairdresser has ever given me. MTX and Plaquenil can also stop the hair from growing. It would have been lovely if my hair had stopped growing after the perfect haircut. Not to be. I now have thin hair with a terrible cut. It is short, so I am reluctant to have it reshaped. So, I will wait and see. I see my RA doc in a month maybe she has something to offer.
I am on 1mg folic acid and a 50mg B-complex. Any suggestions?

It is not the end of the world. Fortunately, it did stop falling out. Eventually, I will see my hairdresser for a better shaping. Then if it never grows again, I will save a lot of money at the hair salon.

Five years after diagnosis


  1. Rick Phillips says

    Oh Mary, I am sorry this happened. However, my hair fell out long MTX. Of course our situations are different, men are expected to lose our hair and women are not. But I can endorse less hair, especially in winter. Less to wash and best of all less to dry.

    OK, Sheryl read my comment and swatted me, so you will not need to do so.

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  2. When I was on methotrexate, the doctor prescribed folic acid but I also take biotin everyday. My hair was actually growing. Try a hair, skin, nails supplement or a prenatal vitamin. I hope one of these works out for you.


  3. Thank you. I am on 1 mg folic acid, a 50 mg B-complex that includes 50 mg biotin and extra B-12.I will check out what is in a hair and nail supplement and add it. My hair is no longer falling out but it hasn’t grown in months.


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