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My Military family

This picture is one of few I have of my military career. It was a beginning. I am proud of my family’s service to our country. My dad was Army in WWII. My uncle was a bomber navigator. His plane was shot down over Africa and he was the only survivor. He was nursed back to health by Catholic nuns. Another uncle was stationed in Japan in the 50s. My brother was Air Force in the late 60s. I was an Air Force nurse during the same time frame. My children’s father was career Air Force. My son Steven was also career Air Force with several tours in Afghanistan. We were all proud to serve.

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Woman, friend, mother, RN, photographer, gardener, writer, researcher, observer, swimmer. Pretty much the same as everyone else with my own little twist to things. RA, and three cancers and counting. Life is good despite the obstacles. It's worth the ride just to see the infinite variations of the human spirit.

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