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RA Tool Hand Exercises

Another asset in our RA tool box is hand exercises.

We need to maintain our flexibility and our strength.

Deciding that I needed to be able to do more for myself, I asked my Doc to send me to the Albuquerque Health Plex Physical Therapy Hand Clinic.

Wow!  is all I can say.
  • My hands were thrilled with the weekly professional paraffin wax treatment.
  • I learned a set of exercises that will help me maintain my hand function. I do them daily. They can be done anywhere.  Below are instructions for a few.
  • I was fitted for hand orthotics custom made for me. I have them for night use when I am in a flare. My hands are protected while I sleep.
  • I asked and I received. I am also fortunate to have a physical therapy department that is expert in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Range of motion exercise for drifting

Finger Walking

Place fingers and wrist on the table palm down. Hold thumb in hitchhiking position. Walk each finger one at a time toward thumb. Return to original position and repeat 5-10 times daily.


Finger ExtensionFinger Extension

Place palm flat, raise all fingers, then raise each finger one at a time toward the ceiling. Repeat 5-10 times daily.


Finger flexion

Finger Flexion 1

Rest hand on little finger side to align fingers. Bend fingers and touch heel of hand.  Repeat 5-10 times daily.


Finger flexion 2

Finger flexion 2

Start with fingers straight, bend fingers without bending knuckles. Repeat 5-10 times daily.

Thumb Prehension

Thumb prehension

Touch thumb to each finger tip making an “O”.  Remember to straighten thumb back to hitchhiker position each time.

Do these easy exercises daily. Your hands will love you. You will also feel the accomplishment of helping yourself move into a better place.

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