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Rheumatoid arthritis progression attitude

Rheumatoid arthritis sticks to me like glue.  Severe.  Persistent. Progressing.    OMG!    I have a tough one.  But then, so do many, many others.  I am alive.  I am grateful. Life is good.  Every minute of life is a gift.  Believe it or not, the biggest joys in our life happen in our everyday life.  Stop and think about it.  What are the five best moments you have had this week? Remember, this week your life is ticking by.  Life is now and a daily experience. Love it. Life has changed dramatically for me.  My pace is about 20% of what it was.    Am I sad.    Not.     Probably  because I am spending  my time  managing my day.  I’m living today. A lot of the maneuvering is  about energy and pain control.  So life is about balance.  A little of this and a little of that.  Breaking time into chunks. Working on re-potting plants. Then reading a good book or writing articles for a while.  Lucky for me I can do many of the things I …

Helpful information about RA

Helpful information about RA RA is an inflammatory poly-arthritis (affects 5 or more joints). RA is an autoimmune disorder. There are well over 80 disorders in this category including diabetes, lupus and multiple sclerosis. With an autoimmune disorder, the body sees its own cells as foreign bodies. The body’s defense system goes on attack. In RA the membrane (synovium) lining the joints become thickened. Inflammation, swelling, serious pain and stiffness result. RA is a systemic disorder. It affects more than the joints. With release of certain chemicals into the bloodstream, extreme fatigue is common. A low grade fever can be present suggesting inflammation. RA can affect many places in the body. Joint damage  can occur quickly. Once the joints are damaged, deformity and pain can last a lifetime. The goal of aggressive treatment is to avoid joint damage while at the same time relieving pain. RA presents differently in different people. Onset may be sudden and affect many joints. It may sneak up on you by starting in a small joint in fingers or toes. …

How my RA started

March 25, 2013 In someways I am lucky that I had such an acute RA episode in December, 2012.  The severity of it was sudden, not expected and debilitating.  Scary. It started with severe left shoulder pain, less in my right.  Also pain near my clavicles. My left hand was swollen like a large ball, my right hand, less.  Both my feet felt very weird.  I had an ongoing  temp 99-101. I could barely get dressed.  It was awful. I thought at first I was getting osteoarthritis in my shoulders because I had been a lap swimmer for years.