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RA prednisone update

Tapering prednisone is not easy. The .5mg at a time is helpful. I am at 10.5mg from 12.5mg. I was at a point where I only had feet that were not entirely happy. Now I have pings in my hands and wrists. I also have a little stiffness in my hands in the morning. I started the sulfsalazine recently so hopefully that will be helpful. I do feel better doing a little yoga routine in the morning. My back feels much better. I love the feeling of flexibility. It feels really good. My body seeks foods with liquid in them. Grapes and cherries taste good. Chips and artificial foods have lost their appeal.  

RA improvement

My RA joints are as happy as they have been in a long time. I wake to flexible hands. There is no pain screaming to be heard.Happy days. My feet persist in feeling weird. Mostly a puffy numb feeling. I’m still on prednisone but my dose  is coming down 0.5mg at a time. I sleep! Great to do it. I still heat up my  mattress pad and it still feels delicious. Yoga has always been great for my flexibility. Finally, I am back to it. It is a very nice way to fluff the pillows in my spine. I added a Giam ball which so far is very good for back bends. Very nice feeling. Two pound weights are just right also. Off to walk my Jimmy.