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RA update

Methotrexate, Plaquenil and Sulfasalazine are my RA arsenal and are sometimes called triple treatment. I call it Triple Play. These drugs are supported with prednisone and Meloxicam. I have the leeway of increasing the prednisone to 15 mg for a flare. For the time being my RA Doc prefers to keep me at 7.5 mg on a daily basis. My hands and wrists are good. My left shoulder has been a problem, but not a big one. My feet and ankles still rebel. My middle toes on each foot are swollen. I have a minimum (all joints) pain level of three but lately the level has been closer to five. Still, I am functional. I do remember clearly the days of severe pain(I would have to say off the charts. Pain that felt as if all my joints were filled with broken glass). That pain level is my benchmark for how I am doing. My meds are working. I am much happier. I do understand that my RA is progressive. I understand that meds frequently …

RA keep on dancing

With osteoarthritis movement means pain because of joint damage. It is tough to deal with. With RA moving the joints is good for them. Movement increases circulation. It  will ease the pain. If you have joint damage already,  this won’t work as well. On the way to the kitchen to make my morning coffee, I am moving my fingers, moving my toes, moving whatever will move. It helps me. Gets the kinks out. Lessens the pain. Keep on movin’ and dance when you can.  

RA improvement

My RA joints are as happy as they have been in a long time. I wake to flexible hands. There is no pain screaming to be heard.Happy days. My feet persist in feeling weird. Mostly a puffy numb feeling. I’m still on prednisone but my dose  is coming down 0.5mg at a time. I sleep! Great to do it. I still heat up my  mattress pad and it still feels delicious. Yoga has always been great for my flexibility. Finally, I am back to it. It is a very nice way to fluff the pillows in my spine. I added a Giam ball which so far is very good for back bends. Very nice feeling. Two pound weights are just right also. Off to walk my Jimmy.

RA visit to physical therapist

Monday I had my first appointment with physical therapist, Christine. Dr. R had sent me for the evaluation. She thought instruction in the warm pool of the Health Plex would help me. I had other motives, too. My first concern was stability when walking. My second was avoiding losing the flexibility I had worked so hard to maintain over the years. My third was getting enough physical activity while dealing with RA fatigue. Christine talked with me, checked me over. She has already reviewed my chart.