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Life changes with RA and it keeps on changing. Developing strategies to make life work better.

Massage and RA

Garrett is amazing.  He is tall and lanky. Arty. Welcoming. He is a student at the ABQ School of Massage and he gave me a massage at their free cancer clinic. I remember my first experience. Coming out of the massage room, I felt renewed. Massage therapy started as a new adventure for me.  My RA needed help.  So did I.    Massage therapy seemed like a good thing to try. I made the appointment. After the first massage,  I received an email from Garrett asking if I would be the subject of his case study on Rheumatoid Arthritis. I would receive six free massages. He would ask me questions about my RA.  Of course, I said yes.  I needed another tool in my RA toolbox. I am a lucky woman.  My adventure continues. Today was my 5th massage. I follow the routine of each massage. I check off my choices on Garrett’s  before pain scale sheet. Next I undress in the massage room and slide under the sheet and blanket.  Lights are low.  A quiet space.  …

Cancer Care Yoga

Today I trekked over to Nob Hill for High Desert  Yoga’s  Cancer Care Class. Goes from 11:16-12:15. Given by the expert Patti Lentz. Restorative. with breath work. Perfect and therapeutic for me as I am in a state where I have very little energy but I do need to move my body. My trouble comes in also with rheumatoid wrists and very bad rheumatoid feet and toes. Still adjustments can be made and the benefits of yoga enjoyed. I thank Patti and the extra bonus is that this class is free.